The Indonesian boat market is often inconstant in price or information. In IMS, we provide up-to-date data directly from the first hand to our clients.

Whether it is new or used, we at IMS tend to them before sending them to their new owners.


NAME: Bavaria Vitress 420 Fly

LOA: 44 feet 2 inches

BEAM: 13 feet 10 inches

For those seeking a used Bavaria boat, this 2012 model might interest you. This fibreglass boat has 2 single berths, 2 twin berths, 3 cabins, 2 bathrooms, and 2 heads. Its 2 Volvo inboard diesel engines have decent number of running hours. This boat is perfect for private use or charter around the exotic and tropical Indonesian archipelago. For more detailed information please contact us.

NAME: Boat-190720-2

LENGTH: 21 meters

WIDTH: 4 meters

DRAUGHT: 1,90 meters

If you desire a small and comfortable wooden boat for charter, then this one could be your best option. This phinisi was built in 2017 so it is still considered new. This one can pack passengers from smaller group to a bigger one. This bijou phinisi is equipped with everything a charter boat would have; sunroof, cabins, etc. For more detailed information please contact us.

NAME: Embaku

LENGTH: 18,10 meters

WIDTH: 6 meters

DRAUGHT: 2,81 meters

This 2016 phinisi is solid and compact. The firm wooden material is packed in design. It has two masts and a spacious lounge for small group of passengers. It was once owned for private charter. For more detailed information please contact us.

NAME: Reagan

LENGTH: 7 meters

WIDTH: 1,20 meters

DRAUGHT: 1,80 meters

Reagan is perfect for those seeking a simple boat. The design is compact and you do not need big, bulky outboard engine on its tail. The boat also has a roofing for protection from the scorching sun. This 2017 fiberglass boat can take up to three to four passengers. This boat is multipurpose; it can be used for a fishing trip, a personal carrier boat, or even your go-to boat to channel the shallow regions of Bali. And to make it better, the last owner left a little something just for the future owner. For more detailed information please contact us.

NAME: Redboat (formerly Indah Kris)

LENGTH: 15,60 meters

WIDTH: 3,95 meters

DRAUGHT: 1,20 meters

This boat was named when the last owner bought it. It was named from its hull colour back then. Now, the boat has changed and yet they still kept the name. This 1998 fiberglass boat was once made of wood. The boat had undergone several touch-up and now is ready to meet its new owner. For more detailed information please contact us.


LENGTH: 12,05 meters

WIDTH: 3,10 meters

DRAUGHT: 1,30 meters

As what the animal kingdom had renounced, the lion is and always be the king. Therefore, the name “lion” grew prosper, marking greatness for whomever given the name, even in the marine world. Leo is a boat that could very be your next most precious possession at your disposal. Taken from the constellations, Leo is equipped with three Yamaha 250 PK engine, making it fast and easy to maneuver on docks, harbors, and open seas. The 2017 fiberglass boat is scheduled to have its cosmetic refit soon, and just like a lion, it needs to change its mane once in a while. For more detailed information please contact us.