IMS Dock for Superyachts, Benoa Harbour, Bali

8º44.790'S     115º12.677'E
IMS operates the only dedicated superyacht facility in Benoa harbour. Berths are stern-to with a floating pontoon astern for access on and off. We can accommodate three yachts up to 65m LOA simultaneously. Our booking system means that this is the only dock space in Indonesia where boats can remain in place without having to give way to commercial/Navy vessels. (subject to other prior bookings).
While the facilities are limited due to not being built to purpose, we have gone to great lengths to make everything our clients require as standard available. 
Fresh Water: we have 10,000lit of water storage on site and this can be taken and refilled on demand.
Spring Water: can be delivered by truck directly from the mountain spring.
Shore Power: we have or can arrange for dampened generators on site to provide power  from 50kva to 280kva.
Garbage Disposal: bins are provided on site. For larger requirements trucks can be arranged.
Fuel and Oil disposal: can be arranged using IMS Barge.
All of the above can be organized via your Agent.